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International Certificate as proof of competence. Photo: Trainor AS
International Certificate as proof of competence. Photo: Trainor AS

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The IECEx certification scheme is on the rise

IECEx CoPC (Certificate and Personnel Competence Scheme) is the only international system for competence certification of personnel affiliated with design, installations, operations and inspections in Ex atmospheres. As with all IECEx certificates the certification is valid across national borders. Trainor will arrange exams in collaboration with the authorised certifying body (CB).

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According to Trond Liestøl Larsen from the Norwegian Directorate for Civil Protection (DSB) the certificate meets the requirements set out by authorities in respect of the documented expertise of personnel working in Ex atmospheres. And according to the Norwegian Electrotechnical Committee (NEK) the industry is very much in need of such a scheme. In an interview with the industry magazine Volt NEK Technical Manager, Arild Røed, says that international standards are more important than ever before now that we are experiencing increased cooperation and flow of workforce across national borders. NEK emphasises the importance of Norwegian suppliers being aware of the increasing requirements for documentation of expertise in both Norwegian and international markets. "Our prediction is that suppliers with inadequate expertise will lose crucial contracts," Røed tells Volt.

Trainor was recently approved as an RTP (Recognised Training Provider) by IECEx and thereby meets the strict quality requirements for the training of personnel working in explosive atmospheres.

How to become certified:

Complete the application form and submit it to

Candidates who meet the certification criteria (assessed by SIRA) and who pass the exam will be awarded the IECEx certificate for personnel competence. The exam will be performed in English by Sira Certification Service. You will maintain your expertise through regular re-certification.

Current courses and certifications:

Click on the desired training course to view more information about course and exam dates, contents and prices.

Ex 001 - Basic module, Preporatory CourseOrdering and further information
EX 003 and 006 - Installation and testing, Preporatory CourseOrdering and further information
EX 004, 007 and 008 - Inspection and maintenance, Preporatory Course Ordering and further information

Ex 001 – Basic certification module, Certification
Ordering and further information
Ex 003 and 006 – Installation and test, CertificationOrdering and further information
Ex 004, 007 and 008 - Inspection and maintenance, CertificationOrdering and further information


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