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Trainor colleagues from 4 countries meet at IECEx International Conference in Shanghai this week. Here, Thaison Vu (Vietnam) and Einar Thorén (Norway). Photo: Trainor AS
Trainor colleagues from 4 countries meet at IECEx International Conference in Shanghai this week. Here, Thaison Vu (Vietnam) and Einar Thorén (Norway). Photo: Trainor AS

Press release -

Joint forces for safety in Ex areas

The Trainor companies aim to increase safety in Ex areas world wide. 11th and 12th of April they speak up in Shanghai, as contributors on the IECEx International Conference.

The conference is fully booked with close to 400 delegates. As a global provider of training for professionals, Trainor was awarded as the worlds first "Recognized Training Provider" (RTP) by IECEx, an experience Henrik Eklund, Country Manager Trainor Korea, will share with the delagates through his talk Tuesday 11th. Trainor is one of the sponsors of the conference, and Trainor collegues from 4 of the companies locations will be represented: China, Korea, Vietnam and Norway. They all agree that a single standard along with a single certification scheme that is recognized and accepted in all major markets around the world, is best practice for the safety work in explosive atmospheres.

Focusing on Ex training and certification

-We are looking forward to this conference, says Einar Thorén, General manager of Trainor Elsikkerhet AS. Thorén sees the conference as a great opportunity to network both for Trainor China and for the training departments in Norway, Korea and Vietnam. - Contributing to this conference is an opportunity for us to showcase Trainors expertise on Ex training, and an important introduction and marketing of the various IECEx schemes, Thorén explains. The Trainor delegates also looks forward to meeting up with the IECEx secretary to discuss the future of the IECEx schemes, as Trainor is in the final process of applying to become a Certifying Body of the IECEx Certification of personnel Competence (CoPC). - We are aiming to become a major supplier of both training and certification within Ex, says Thorén, and this conference is an important step on that road.

The Trainor companies agrees that a single standard and certification scheme is best practice for the safety work in explosive atmospheres. Photo: Trainor AS

Safety work as a basis for the "New Silky Road".

For a densely populated country as China, safety work is cruical, as all accidents will effect a large amount of people. - China is developing, and must evolve in all fields, explains Helen Deng, Country Manager TDSZ explains. - Safety is the base of all developement. We focus on Ex because it is the essential knowledge of safety work in hazardous areas, and we hope that Trainor can contribute with our efforts and expertise in safety work, to catch up the steps and requirements towards the "New Silky Road" and of national economic transition.

Helen Deng, Country Manager Trainor TDSZ with Ex specialist Yi Shijun, see Ex Safety work as significant for Chineese developement.

Ex competence is important for Vietnam Oil and Gas industries

Technical Director Thaison Vu is currently building up Trainor's training department in Vung Tau, Vietnam. He argues that IECEx and Ex standards are relatively new to the Vietnam Oil and Gas industry. Very few people are aware of Ex and what is required to ensure non-electrical and electrical equipment are installed, maintained, inspected or repaired according to the certification documentation and instruction manual. - In order to minimize the risk of explosion we must have correct area classification, select the right Ex equipment, installation and inspection, maintenance and on-going inspection, repair and overhaul. All of these steps must be carried out by the Ex competent persons with documented experience and skills, he says.

Thaison Vu, Technical Director, aims to increase Ex safety awareness in Vietnam. Photo: Trainor AS

At the moment in Vietnam there is no well-establish Ex training centre who are able to provide training and IECEx Certification. Most of the time the Vietnamese electricians or engineers have to go to abroad to get the training. - One of our main targets is to increase the Ex safety awareness and make the Ex training and certification available in Vietnam. This will reduce the time and cost for our clients, says Thaison Vu, who looks forward to meet his colleagues from China, Korea and Norway, and network with some of his peers from the Ex industry.

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Eva Nordskog

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