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The Norwegian Embassy visiting Trainor Vietnam Office in Vung Tau.

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The Norwegian Embassy visiting Trainor Vietnam Office in Vung Tau.

Representatives from the Norwegian Embassy, the Trainor Group (Trainor AS) and Trainor Electrical Safety Vietnam (TES Vietnam). Ambassador Grete Løchen in front From left: Mr. Arvid Melstveit, Chairman of board, the Trainor Group Mr. Ninh The Ninh, Instructor TES Vietnam Mr. Hai Thien Le, Embassy Senior Market Advisor Ms. Thi Minh Vo Trang, Online marketing/instructor support, TES Vietnam Mr. Harald Nævdal, Norwegian Embassy Director Ms. Phuong Nguyen, Accounting and administative assistant, TES Vietnam Ms. Anne Havn, Embassy Sectretary Mr. Terje Gravdal, CEO, the Trainor Group (Trainor AS) Mr. Thaison Vu, Technical Director Asia, TES Vietnam Ms. Grete Løchen were Mr. Harald Nævdal, Norwegian Embassy Director, Ms. Anne Havn, Secretary and Mr. Hai Tien Le, Embassy Senior Market Advisor.
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Trainor is an international specialist company offering training, consultancy services and hire of qualified personnel within the areas of electrical safety, automation and processes within the oil and gas sector.

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