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Trainor’s ‘ElectriCity’ virtual eLearning world, crafted in the game engine Unreal.
Trainor’s ‘ElectriCity’ virtual eLearning world, crafted in the game engine Unreal.

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CompEx select Trainor eLearning to optimise learning and safety in the water utilities sector

Market-leading Norwegian EdTech company, Trainor, has been selected as the eLearning partner for CompEx - a globally recognised certification scheme - in support of its mission to optimise learning and enhance safety outcomes in the water utilities sector.

The partnership, which builds on an existing relationship between the two organisations, follows CompEx’s March 2023 revision of its Water Utilities qualification (Ex09 – Ex10). This safety certification is required by all electrical and instrument operatives working in potentially hazardous water supply, wastewater, and water treatment environments.

Leading UK water utility companies and training providers were asked to share expert feedback on the syllabus and content, and as part of the review called for better support for learners ahead of attending the course.

It will now be mandatory for learners to undertake Trainor’s eLearning course, Ex Fundamentals, prior to the classroom-based Water Utilities qualification with this blended learning approach enabling candidates to achieve improved exam outcomes from enhanced learning that better supports knowledge retention.

The six-hour online Ex Fundamentals course uses Trainor’s unique simulation technology to recreate authentic work environments – a virtual world known as the Electri City ­– and provide an immersive learning experience. It covers a wide range of topics essential for electrical personnel to work safely in hazardous industries across onshore facilities, offshore and ships.

Morten Aasen, Trainor Chief Commercial Officer, said:

“Our continued collaboration with CompEx is truly transforming the Water Utilities qualification by providing candidates with an immersive, blended learning programme for the first time. At Trainor, we’re redefining what eLearning means by offering courses that engage the workforce, boost knowledge retention and, most importantly, equip learners with the skills they need to stay safe.

“By using the same game engine as Xbox and Playstation consoles, we’re bringing learners a learning experience like no other – one that is currently enjoyed by over 120,000 learners every year. We’re excited for candidates undertaking CompEx’s revised Water Utilities qualification to experience Trainor’s immersive Electri City virtual world.”

Huw Bement, Managing Director of CompEx, added:

“Adapting our qualifications to suit and support industry needs has, and will always remain, at our core. In response to the revision of our Water Utilities qualification and in partnership with Trainor, we’re pleased to bring learners a high-quality learning experience designed to boost understanding and support examination success.

“From previously partnering with Trainor, we’re highly confident in its best-in-class eLearning that is highly regarded by learners, employers and training organisations operating in safety-critical industries.”

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About Trainor

Trainor is an internationally recognised EdTech focused on transforming traditional safety training in safety-critical industries. Headquartered in Norway, Trainor provides a wide range of interactive courses for both electrical and non-electrical personnel, supporting over 120,000 online learners in 2022 alone.

True to its vision to set new standards for training across safety-critical industries, Trainor uses gamification techniques to recreate actual onshore, offshore, or marine environments and situations in 3D, creating an entire universe that is used across all courses – Electri City.

  • 1,000,000+ course participants
  • 40+ years of in-house experience across industry, teaching and development
  • An international EdTech group with over 100 employees and offices in Norway and Sweden
  • 4.7/5 rating across all courses
  • 22,000+ customers including Equinor, ABB, ConocoPhillips and Shell

About CompEx

CompEx is the international scheme to validate the competency and certification of personnel working in explosive atmospheres. CompEx has now provided training and assessment for almost 30 years in a range of industrial sectors including oil and gas, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food manufacturing, and utilities through an international network of independent training and assessment centres.

CompEx Certification Limited is part of the JTL Group, which includes Develop Training and JTL, the UK’s leading work-based learning provider.

To learn more about CompEx’s Water Utilities qualification, visit



Trainor is an internationally recognized EdTech company setting new standards for safety training. We provide training services, digital solutions and technical consultancy services to offshore, maritime and land-based industries worldwide.


Morten Aasen

Morten Aasen

Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) +47 ­905 ­97 ­194
Eva Nordskog

Eva Nordskog

Press contact Head of Communications, HR and ESG. +47 90875544

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Committed to safety

Trainor is an internationally recognized company setting new standards for safety training. Based in Norway, we provide training services, digital solutions and technical consultancy services to offshore, maritime and land-based industries worldwide.

For more than 30 years we have trained professionals domestically and abroad, offshore and onshore.
And we were among the very first players in the market when we launched our first e-learning course in 1996. Since then, traditional and digital education have gone hand in hand, and we have developed digital training solutions that meet the needs of a broad energy industry.

We work closely with authorities and industry organizations to ensure the safety of the individual workplace, and take pride in delivering courses which are always professionally updated and well communicated in a user-friendly platform. Always committed to safety.

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