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Many people attended the ATEX & IECEx Seminar 2018. Photo: Trainor Vietnam.
Many people attended the ATEX & IECEx Seminar 2018. Photo: Trainor Vietnam.

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​The ATEX & IECEx Seminar 2018 was organized successfully

On 31st of August, Trainor Vietnam held successfully the ATEX & IECEx Seminar for the second consecutive year at the Sheraton Saigon Hotel. The 4-hour seminar covered topics related to the IECEx Certification of Personnel Competence Scheme (CoPC) which provides the means to certify personnel who has qualified knowledge and skills for working with explosion-protected equipment.

As soon as the invitation was published, the seminar received positive responses from our target guests. Approximately 100 staffs and engineers who are working at the prestigious oil & gas companies in Vietnam such as PV Drilling, Biendong POC, Phuquoc POC, PTST M& C, PTSC POS, PTSC PS, PV Gas, VSP, PVFCCo and etc. attended the event. 

The importance of safety

During the seminar, our feature speakers highlighted the importance of safety for people who were working in explosive atmospheres and brought an overview of IECEx CoPC including the definition, 10 units of Competence, the values in holding IECEx CoPC, how to apply and the requirements to apply.

Mr. Thaison Vu, Director of Trainor Vietnam, member of IEC Committees. Photo: Trainor Vietnam

It was an honor forTrainor Vietnam to have, among others, Mr. Terje Gravdal, the CEO of the Trainor Group, Mr. Nguyen Van Khoi, representative from the Department of Standards of Vietnam and Mr.Tran Quoc Bao, I & E engineer at PTSC M&C attending as speakers at the seminar. 

Mr.Nguyen Van Khoi represented the topic"The role of the Department of Standards of Vietnam in promoting the application of IEC and TCVN”. Photo: Trainor Vietnam. 

Raising awareness of the IECEx CoPC system

Recently, as a major of countries have recognized IECEx an international certification scheme, IECEx CoPC is a trustworthy evidence to show that the workers are competent to work in many areas related to explosion-protected equipment such as design, installation, inspection, maintenance, repair and overhaul, etc. according to the units. Trainor is the only IECEx Certification Body for CoPC in Vietnam so far.

In order to raise up the awareness of safety for people who are working in explosive atmospheres, Trainor Vietnam plans to organize this event annually.

Please view attached photos for some activities happened at the semnar.



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Eva Nordskog

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