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Representatives from the Norwegian Embassy, The Trainor Group and Trainor Vietnam. Photo: Trainor Vietnam
Representatives from the Norwegian Embassy, The Trainor Group and Trainor Vietnam. Photo: Trainor Vietnam

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Norwegian Ambassador, Ms. Grete Løchen, visited the office of Trainor Vietnam

On the occasion of a two-day trip to visit Norwegian enterprises in Baria-Vungtau province, Norwegian Ambassador, Ms. Grete Løchen along with Norwegian Embassy officials made a visit to the office of Trainor Vietnam November 1st 2018

Text by Ms. Thi Minh Trang Vo, Trainor Vietnam.

Opportunities and challenges

The officials accompanied Ms. Grete Løchen were Mr. Harald Nævdal, Norwegian Embassy Director, Ms. Anne Havn, Secretary and Mr.Hai Tien Le, Embassy Senior Market Advisor. During the trip, Ambassador Grete Løchen aimed to learn about the operation and business of Norwegian companies in Vietnam, including both opportunities and challenges to help promote the trade between both countries.

Welcoming the Ambassador and the officials, Mr. Terje Gravdal, CEO of the Trainor Group, briefly introduced the history, the operation and the development of Trainor in Norway, China, Korea and Vietnam. Mr Thaison Vu, Director of Trainor Vietnam, shared with the visitors the purpose of providing Ex training and certifying personnel qualified to work with explosion-protected equipment with IECExCoPC (Ex001, 003, 004, 006, 007, 008 & 009) in Vietnam, raising awarness of safety and competence for Vietnamese engineers who work in explosive atmospheres. In this regard, it is obvious that the certification scheme will provide both the personnel and the country with competitive advantages in the global market.

Ambassador Grete Løchen and the officials showed interest in the Ex training and IECEx CoPC certification, recognizing both the challenges and opportunities regarding increasing requirements of competence and safety in the oil & gas industry and other dangerous industries both in Vietnam and globally.

Important support

For Trainor Vietnam the attention and the support of the Norwegian Embassy is of great importance. It also brings us more efforts to keep doing our consistent mission to improve the safety and the competence for personnel working in hazardous areas in Vietnam.

Attached are photos from the visit.

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